Built in the vintage Slingerland® style
with modern innovations.

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A lifetime of drum-building expertise goes into the creation of each piece.



Our drums are built to take a beating and hold their tone under harsh touring conditions.



We bring back the great American tradition of great drums and blend it with modern technolgy.


We have a wide range of the most sought-after finishes.

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A wide range of Slingerland drum finishes


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A wide range of Slingerland drum finishes

Wanna see some amazing snare drums?

Why Chicago Drum? 6 Reasons to Play Our Products

High Quality Parts

Pro Parts = Pro Sound

We either build it ourselves or buy the highest-quality parts available to make sure we sound our best.

Attention to Detail

Do It Right The First Time

At Chicago Drum, we build them like we own them. No glue drips, uneven edges or other minor imperfections. And everything is always quality inspected.

That Signature Sound

It's All About The Tone, Right?

Our drums have a powerful tone that you need to hear to believe. And they are built to retain their sound even when touring hard.

One-to-One Support

Talk To Us, Not A Machine

We build the best drums out there and back them up with real support. We guarantee what we make.

Built in the USA

Vintage Slingerland Where It All Started

We hand-build our kits, using quality materials and quality people right here in Illinois. C'mon, Chicago rocks!

The Great American Tradition

Technology meets Old World Craftsmanship

Years of experience building some of the finest drums for the best players in the world means we're building some of the most powerful drums available today. We built them back in the day. We're building them again.

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  • Chicago Music Exchange

Upcoming Events

  • AUG8

    Music City Drum Show 2020

    August 8, 2020, 10 am to 6 pm
    Nashville Fairgrounds, Expo Building 2
    625 Smith Avenue, Nashville, TN

  • MAY15-16

    Chicago Drum Show 2021

    May 15-16, 10 am to 5 pm
    Kane County Fairgrounds,
    525 Randall Rd., St. Charles, IL

Recent Testimonials

  • Joseph Williamson

    Joseph Williamson Drummer

    I recently approached Chicago Drum and Restoration about building a custom kit for me in a somewhat rare wrap to match my Blue Agate Slingerland kit. Not only did they willingly build my odd request but went beyond my expectations in making a stunningly beautiful “Bop” sized kit that sounds amazing on their own and also fit right in with the Slingerland when blended in to a much larger kit. I chose the Maple/Poplar shells to fit in with the sound of my mid-60's shells and opt ed for the streamlined lugs again for matching purposes. The wrap they found is so close you would have to be within a foot or two to notice the 50 years of difference. The precise drilling and spacing of lugs is refreshing and the perfectly done bearing edges are a thing of beauty I went with an unusual combination of sizes and must admit I could not be happier I did. For the Ride Tom I chose 8 x 10 with a 14x14 Floor Tom and a 14x18 Kick to end up with a smaller footprint but with out sacrificing any sound as these drums have that warm tone and yet still have the attack to penetrate. While I will enjoy putting these together with my vintage kit on occasion I cannot get enough of playing this kit as is! If you are looking for a high quality build and a vintage sound that started with the Slingerland company and is being carried on and dare I say improved at Chicago Drum. Many Thanks to Jim Moritz for the great communications from start to finish on the build and to everyone at Chicago Drum and Restoration for the fantastic work you do.

    I usually rotate my kits around to keep it interesting and to explore the sounds of them individually but I cannot stop playing this 4 piece set up as they just sound so amazing no matter how I tune them.

  • Jaron Mossman

    Jaron Mossman Drummer

    Just wanted to pass along my Chicago Drum & Restoration Ltd. snare in action with Two Way Crossing at Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville the past two nights. Sounded AMAZING in that room! Sound guys loved it as well. Great feedback on it. Thanks for making such an amazing drum!

  • Not So Modern Drummer

    George Lawrence Not So Modern Drummer, April 2013

    I think this Chicago company has a winner. I would go so far as to say this drum rivals any wood drum the Slingerland Company ever produced and is quite a tribute to that golden age of drum manufacturing.

  • David Latimer

    David Latimer Drummer

    Killer Drums Guys! :)

  • Nez Lopez

    Nez Lopez Drummer

    ChicagoDrumCo thanks! It's a beautiful drum both visually and sonically. Dare I say it sounds better than vintage? :)

  • John Fonod

    John Hans Fonod Drummer

    I would be remiss if I did not give praise to this group of builders. I played this kit at the show and was blown away. Please support them in their endeavors. If only Gibson would give up that name they're sitting on.

  • Joey Doino

    Joey Doino Drummer - Arc & Stones

    The first time I played them, I immediately fell in love. They look great, sound even better, and tune incredibly easy. My style of play and my band, Arc & Stones, calls for big drums with a big sound; my Chicago Drum Rocker kit delivers the size and power we need while remaining exceptionally sensitive. I love these drums.

  • Gordy Siewert

    Gordy Siewert Drummer - Voyage

    Hey guys, just want to tell you how much I've enjoyed playing these drums over the summer with Voyage. They really deliver in power and response, and are easy to dial in that big punchy sound I like. The snare seems effortless to play! Many sound techs and supporters have noticed and commented on the huge sound these drums have. Keep up the good work.

  • Jim Riley

    Jim Riley Drummer - Rascal Flatts

    It's striking me as a pretty sensitive drum. This guy definitely knows how to build, that's for sure. (2014 Snare Drum Olympics)

  • JOhn Vanover

    John Vanover Drummer & Slingerland Fan

    You're the modern Slingerland of today. It's my goal to own some of your fine drums one day ! I'm thrilled they can be purchased !


Chicago Classic snare drum by Chicago Drum

These drums feature thick 5-ply Maple/Poplar snare shells, 6-ply Maple/Poplar Tom and Bass shells, Solid Maple steam bent re-rings, Steel Chrome-Plated Stick Saver Hoops and Beaver Tail Lugs.


Chicago Heritage snare drum by Chicago Drum

This drum series features thick 5-ply Mahogany/Poplar snare shells, 6-ply Mahogany/Poplar Tom and Bass shells, Solid Maple steam bent re-rings, Steel Chrome-Plated Stick Saver Hoops and Beaver Tail Lugs.


Steam-bent solid wood maple snare drum

Our snare drums are gaining notoriety after placing first in two categories at the 2014 Snare Drum Olympics: Single Ply Solid Wood and Plywood Shell.


Steam-bent solid wood maple snare drum

We have original Slingerland® parts, other replacement drum parts and more, some from original stock. We can also help you find what you need for your kit renovation or repair.

Chicago Drum designs and builds the ultimate snare drum.

When you need your snare to cut through the mix in a live situation, try one of our custom-built, highly-responsive drums that play like a dream. Test drive one today!.

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Chicago Drum snare drums